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How to plan the perfect company outing
When your employees have been working hard all year, you want to reward them with something more than just a well-done email or leaving work a little early. If you want to give them something special, why not run an event or an outing that will make them feel [...]
Thu, Nov 23, 2017
Source: Tech Nation News
Permissive gun laws linked to higher homicide rates
Easier access to concealed firearms is associated with significantly higher rates of handgun-related homicide, report researchers. With gun violence, especially mass shootings, dominating the news recently, gun control is at the forefront of issues Americans say they are concerned about. Now, a new study suggests that more permissive concealed-carry [...]
Thu, Nov 23, 2017
Source: Lukor
3 harmful myths about the opioid epidemic
Harmful myths about opioids, opioid addiction, and people with substance use disorders persist and may even prevent people from getting treatment, say experts. Between 2015 and 2016, drug overdose deaths went from 33,095 to 59,000, the largest annual jump ever recorded in the United States. That number [...]
Thu, Nov 23, 2017
Source: Lukor
Top four 5-minute stress reducers for business owners
The busy executive today barely has time to eat a healthy meal let alone take time to reduce their stress. While eating healthy and getting plenty of rest are well known keys to reducing your stress level. There are three more easy to add into your schedule ideas that [...]
Wed, Nov 22, 2017
Source: The All I Need
Improve your confidence with elective surgeries
There are lots of schools of thought that say that you can be confident regardless of what you look like. And there's a lot of evidence to support this. But there are some situations where confidence can go up if you choose to have elective surgeries that improve your [...]
Wed, Nov 22, 2017
Source: The All I Need
Essential skills for the marketing managers of tomorrow
Marketing is the child of the Industrial Revolution and Consumerism. More importantly, it is the also the father of sales. No product or service ever gets purchased without marketing. This includes word of mouth advertising to your friends and relatives, display advertising, and any form of promotions. The proliferation [...]
Wed, Nov 22, 2017
Source: eBusiness Planet
Tips for getting your home ready for a party
Planning for a house party can put a lot of stress on the host. But there are some things that you can do to make your next house party less stressful. Below you will find some tips that will help guide you in the right direction and make your [...]
Mon, Nov 20, 2017
Source: Family Again
Ways to improve employee performance
When employees begin to fail in their performance, this can be for a few reasons. They can hand in assignments late, do not fulfill tasks or do not take the initiative that is required. When an employee fails to meet the standards they should meet, supervisors can identify the [...]
Wed, Nov 15, 2017
Source: Tech Nation News